7 Gifts Under $35 to Cheer Someone Up

Stay Awesome My Friend Encouragement Card For Friend from Lucky Dog Design Co.
It’s just natural to go through ups and downs in life, but having a support system behind you makes all the difference. Sometimes when you know someone going through a rough patch, the best thing to do is just to let them know you’re there. And sometimes cheering them up with a gift or thoughtful card goes a long, long way.
Did you know you could reuse old greeting cards? Read more about how to reuse old cards and if they're actually recyclable.

Sometimes the words don't come easily.

Have you ever picked up a card, get ready to write and then you don't know what in the world to even put down into words?

7 Fun and Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Include in a Card

7 Fun and Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Include in a Card
Holiday cards are perfect for sending to family, friends, and colleagues for the holidays—and they’re also great to hold gifts. If you’re short on space while traveling or want to include a gift with a card, here are a few ideas.

The 2021 Shop Small Holiday Gift Guide

As we start turning to gift hunting and giving, I hope you choose to shop more local and small. There are truly unique, hidden (and not so hidden) gems out there being made by small shops.

Speaking of gems! Below you’ll find some of my favorite shops to help get you started!

What to say in a sympathy card

What to say in a sympathy card
At the end of the day, speaking from your heart - no matter the fumbling or crossing out of words - is what matters most. Be their light in the darkest moments of life.



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