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Productive AF Unlined Notepad (25 pages) - Second Chance Notepad

Productive AF Unlined Notepad (25 pages) - Second Chance Notepad

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A notepad that keeps you in check without confining your space. No matter if you're a list-maker, doodler, random notetaker or scheduler, the Productive AF notepad has your back. This unlined notepad is 4x9 inches and contains 25 pages.

This second chance notepad has a pricing sticker on the back.

The Lucky Dog Second Chance collection is an ever-evolving set of discounted stationery and gifts that have slight defects from the printing process. There could be a black smudge from excess ink, or a slight line off from bone folding, or it could even be miscolored from the original design. 

Instead of going straight into the recycling bin, this stationery benefits charities and get a second life with their very slight imperfections. A much better eco-friendly and waste reducing alternative.

All profits from the Second Chance collection go to the Lexington Humane Society in Lexington, KY, where Odin was adopted. They are a no-kill shelter that brings in and saves animals every chance they get. 

Returns and exchanges are not accepted with Second Chance Stationery and Gifts.


Shipping: Most orders ship in less than a week. All items are shipped no later than 10 business days following the order. 

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