7 Fun and Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Include in a Card

Holiday cards are perfect for sending to family, friends, and colleagues for the holidays—and they’re also great to hold gifts. If you’re short on space while traveling or want to include a gift with a card, here are a few ideas.


Buy a ticket or two to a concert, game, amusement park, etc. The gift of an experience can go a lot further than an object.



If you’re both gardeners, trading seeds from your garden or that you purchase can be a fun gift that fits perfectly in an envelope. If they are larger seeds, you may have to pay a non-machinable fee when sending the card out.


Unframed Print or Flat Art Piece

You can find prints for every fandom, interest, and art style. The first place I shop for prints at is Etsy.


Recipes or Pictures

Depending on the person, someone may enjoy a sentimental recipe or picture(s). Memories to hold on to and pass on.



The gift that keeps on giving! My mother-in-law has gifted us a coffee subscription for the past few years and we love it! Every year she asks what we want and the first thing we say and want is the coffee subscription. 

And here’s my humble plug to my subscription, the Lucky Dog Sticker Club. Recipients receive 5 curated and personalized stickers to their mailbox every month!


Greeting Card or Postcard

You can fit one smaller greeting card or multiple postcards in a card. Include postage to send them out for bonus points.


Gift cards and Cash

Of course, cash and gift cards are always an option! Bonus points for supporting a small business with a gift card

P.S. - These gift ideas can be applied year-round, not just for the holidays.

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